In a world full of stories...

We all have a story that is connected to the library of the world! As walking and eating audio books, we add value when we tell our stories, our way!!

Who is Kent Wade?

Kent Wade (KW), also known as “The Library Guy”, has over 14 years of library and customer service experience.

After obtaining a GED (2005) and an Associates degree from Kankakee Community College (2012), a fire was lit for sharing the value of education, especially from the community college level.

Since 2009, Mr. Wade has been using public speaking, motivational speaking, emceeing, facilitating and storytelling to cultivate difficult conversations in regards to leadership.

From working with youth to empowering professionals, the mission is for others to regain their AMBITION despite the heaviness of life.

During the summer of 2018, Shake the Fear (STF), a public speaking workshop geared toward overcoming the fear of speaking, was launched. The STF workshop has enhanced the abilities of speakers and professionals throughout Illinois.

Wade’s ability to be a change agent earned him a Kankakee County 40 Under 40 award (2016). Kent’s love of giving back has led to him serving as the first black officer on the Kankakee Public Library’s Board of Directors, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of United Way .

KW is CEO of Lift with Ambition LLC, a company focused on helping others grow in telling their stories and healing their way as a Master of Ceremony and Keynote Speaker.

In 2020, Mr. Wade launched his Shake the Fear gear tee and hooded sweatshirt brand.

Kent Wade is a proud husband, father to four and uncle to many.


Keynote Speaker

Life experiences, daily healings, entrepreneurship and serving others has allowed The Library Guy the opportunity to identify and bridge gaps using public speaking.

Topics include, but not limited to:

*Shake the Fear

*Social & Emotional Development

*Customer Service

*Self Esteem

*Importance of Education

*Personal Development

*Professional Development 

*Adult Education (GED) Success

 "My voice is my tool, my tool for purpose. My purpose is to help others be their best selves for their story."


Master of Ceremony/Emcee

By definition, it is the job of the Master of Ceremony/Emcee to engage the crowd from beginning to end of an event. Creating an innovative way to ensure a worthwhile experience is exactly what makes "The Library Guy" a must host for your next event. 

Events include, but not limited to: 


*Open Mics/Poetry Slams 

*Community Forums

*Award Ceremonies 


Energy, passion, people skills and humor are the ways to engage a crowd for an awesome experience. 

"I feed off the energy of the crowd. So it's my job to set the tone."- KW

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop groups are small communities developing values and missions. Creating an interactive environment is key to making sure a group empathizes and understands the power they have. When we embrace who we are as individuals, we then can see what part we play in the community experience.  

Workshops lengths include, but are not limited to:

*Partial Day Workshops: 1 hour - 3 hours

*Full Day Workshops: 4 hours - 6 hours 

" A team is not measured by who does the best or worst. A team is measured by the strength of the team collectively." -KW

Shaking the Fear doesn't mean fear won't exist... It means fear won't hold us back anymore.

Shake the Fear Gear, est. 2020, is a clothing brand created to liberate those being held back by their fears of public speaking. Once the first mock was shared on social media it was clear that there are fears that people are facing that they want to shake! Since Feb 2020, STF Gear has been mailed out and worn by fear shakers as far west as Hawaii, as far east as Connecticut, and as far south as Florida! In 2022, the STF Team has a mission of reaching one million people! To help us achieve that goal, share a picture of yourself rocking your fear shaking gear on social media with the hashtag #ShaketheFear1Milli. Lets go!


Are you a Fear Shaker?

The best way to shake fear is to face it head on. We often conquer our fears but they go into our discarded memories. It is time to share our wins over fear so that we remember our strength while others are liberated. Have you shaken a fear lately and want to share? Send your fear shaking experience to We would like to share your story so other can be liberated.


"Kent's presentation was everything that I expected and more. Lively, engaging, encouraging and motivating. The students said they "could relate to him" and "he spoke from his heart". Kent is welcome anytime!"


"Mr. Kent, you are the best speaker I've heard and you helped me learn a lot. Thank you!"


"As a teacher I asked Kent to speak to my students to try to motivate them to work to their best potential. Some of them don't realize the importance of their education. Kent was amazing! He truly connected with the students and they were inspired. When we returned to class, they could not stop talking about how powerful his presentation was and how they were very touched by his stories. This may need to become a recurring presentation to each of my new group of students! Thank you Kent for helping to motivate the junior high students at Montessori."


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