Fear will not hold us hostage when it comes to controlling OUR narrative- KW

Who is Kent Wade?



Life experience, daily healing, entrepreneurship and serving others has allowed Kent the opportunity to identify and bridge gaps using public speaking.

Topics include, but not limited to:

*Social & Emotional Development

*Customer Service

*Self Esteem

*Importance of Education

*Professional Development 

*Adult Education (GED) Success

 "My voice is my tool. My tool for purpose. My purpose to help others be their best selves for their story."




By definition, it is the job of the host/emcee to engage the crowd from beginning to end of an event. Creating an innovative way to ensure a worthwhile experience is exactly what makes Kent a must host for your next event. 

Events include, but not limited to: 


*Open Mics/Poetry Slams 

*Community Forums

*Award Ceremonies 


Energy, passion, people skills and humor are the ways Kent engages a crowd for an awesome experience. 

"I feed off the energy of the crowd. So its my job to set the tone."- KW

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop groups are like valued communities. So creating an interactive environment is key to making sure a group empathize and understands the power they have. When we embrace who we are as individuals, we then can see what part we play in the community experience.  

Workshops lengths include, but are not limited to:

*Partial Day Workshops: 1 hour - 3 hours

*Full Day Workshops: 4 hours - 6 hours 

" A team is not measured by who does the best or worst. A team is measured by the strength of the team collectively." -KW


"Kent's presentation was everything that I expected and more. Lively, engaging, encouraging and motivating. The students said "they could relate to him" and "he spoke from his heart". Kent is welcome anytime!"


"Mr Kent you are the best speaker I've heard and you [help] me learn a lot. Thank you!"


"As a teacher I asked Kent to speak to my students to try to motivate them to work to their best potential. Some of them don't realize the importance of their education. Kent was amazing! He truly connected with the students and they were inspired. When we returned to class, they could not stop talking about how powerful his presentation was and how they were very touched by his stories. This may need to become a recurring presentation to each of my new group of students! Thank you Kent for helping to motivate the junior high students at Montessori."


"Kent Wade visited my 3rd grade classroom with a lively spirit that immediately grasped my students attention. He came prepared with a power point presentation, facts, and personal stories that kept my students fully engaged and attentive. Kent's presentation was high-energy and appropriately paced for elementary school children. His ability to relate made my students feel comfortable sharing their experiences and encouraged to be a catalyst of change."

ANDREA ANDERSON - Elementary School Teacher


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